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Welcome to Team KNK Hardware!! Supplying RC lovers worldwide as "Your Hardware Source".  We are a small family owned company located in Southwestern Ohio.  Messing with RC since 1986 we took our passion for the hobby and turned it into a business. 

Providing fellow RC enthusiast with quality hardware. We buy in bulk which allows us to bring the savings to the end user.  Most of our hardware is A2 or 18-8 Stainless Steel. We currently stock a full line of 2mm and 3mm hardware, also 2-56, 4-40, 5-40, 6-32 & 8-32. These include nylon locknuts, flange nuts, hex nuts, flat head screws, button head screws, and cap head screws,  aluminum spacers and servo screws. We have recently added 2.5mm, 4mm and other products. This will be changing as we grow.  If you need something specific don't hesitate to ask.  We will do our best to try and help you out. We currently offer kits for the Axial SCX10, the Axial Wraith, the RC4WD Trail Finder 2, and have a Traxxas Basher bag which will do one of 4 different RCs. And many, many more vehicle specific kits.   We offer 700 piece ProPaks in either button, cap or flat head screws, Monster Bags, which are a 700 piece assortment pack with 17 different packs of hardware included, Standard 250 piece bulk packs of 2-56 Cap or Button and 400 piece bulk bags of 4-40 Cap or Button and 6-32 Cap, as well as 3mm & 4mm serrated flange nuts and various sizes of set screws as well as any item from the kits offered in packs of 25. And don't forget our 1500 piece Mega Bag!! We will build what you need....just contact us!

 **Best buy is our original  "Monster Bag" Hardware Kit . It includes 700 pieces of 3mm Stainless hardware for $30.00. This bag of hardware is designed for the serious builder.  There are 17 different styles/sizes of hardware included.  Allows you to have the correct part when you need it.  We offer hardware in smaller bundles as well.
From bulk hardware bags, vehicle specific kits, individual packs (qty 25), set screws, spacers and more! We even carry products from some of our fellow RC companies!  All about quality products, affordable prices and excellent customer service!

(Left to right) Amberly Kirby, Josh Taylor, Mike Kirby, James Story Rice repping KNK in the sandy rocks of Nevada 11/7/15

Top to bottom: Sierra Kirby, Gavin Kirby, Mike Kirby, Amberly Kirby

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Team KNK

Home of the ORIGINAL "Monster Bag"

700 pieces of 3mm hardware.

{Available in stainless or black}

$30.00 each plus shipping. 

        This is the BEST BUY!  

Calendar of Events:

You asked for it....Only the Strong Survive


Finally getting time to sit back and think about the epic event that happened just one week ago. First and foremost we would like to say thank you to everyone who helped make the event a huge success. From the sponsors, to the judges, the girls doing registration, the food truck, the vendors, those who helped prior to the event and of course all those who took time to come and compete.
To those that came out to the comp site prior to the event and moved rock, mulch and built bridges, thank you.
To the judges who stood in the heat all day for 3 days while making marks on score cards. Without you guys and gals the event would not be possible. Thank you
To the young ladies who were behind the counter and helped Amberly with registration and scoring, thank you.
Mountains Barbecue thank you for bringing awesome food to all our events. You are the best in the business.
To all the vendors that came out and set up, thank you for having products on hand to keep everyone rolling. Without you guys many would have never finished the event.
To all the wonderful sponsors thank you for all the prizes we had to give away. We had 48 sponsors this year and gave away over $20,000 dollars worth of RC greatness. Thank you.
And to all the competitors, thank you for coming and being a part of the event. Each and every one of you make this event what it is every year. Every year you all do a wonderful job at following the rules and keeping it fun! We appreciate this as well as all the little things like keeping the trash picked up and always being willing to jump in and lend a hand. Thank you.
Now for the stats of the event. We ended up having 359 trucks registered from 19 states, Canada and Europe. This is absolutely mind blowing to think that all these wonderful people decided to come to the small town of Lebanon Ohio to play with tiny trucks.
Amberly and myself would like to personally say thank you to everyone who played a part in making the #knkttc4 a success. Do you want to see #knktttc5 in 2018?
#teamknk #buildingourdream #blessedbeyondwords #makingmemories #lovewhatwedo#tinytruckin #greatfriends

-Mike & Amberly Kirby

Oversized Wheel Hexes!

Brass or Aluminum

Available now in our web store